WHITE, 2016 -
- an original novel that speaks of the psychology behind seeking validation.
- work-in-progress.

WHITE has received supports from various arts and literature institutions: Stiftung Künstlerdorf Schöppingen (DE), Saari Residence by Koneen Säätiö (FI) and Jan Michalski Foundation for literature (CH). Currently WHITE is searching for publisher.

After a prank went horribly wrong paralysing a local weightlifting coach - Joel O'Farrell (29 years old) and killing O'Farrell's wife and son, the man - Edward White (29 years old) - who's responsible for the cruel prank, under a false identity, joined the weightlifting team and volunteered to help out with O'Farrell's daily life. However, this seemingly innocent atonement gradually grew into a bizarre relationship that eventually led to the death of O'Farrell twelve years later.