All the Others, 2011, video (hidden camera), 10'16"

All the others was quite spontaneously formulated. I did not rehearse the performance recorded for the piece, and everything happened without a script. I have always been driven by ‘recorded performances’ in which the performance itself is the essence of the work. It's quite different from a video art that is devoted to pure images, sound, light. I love hidden narratives and performative sculptures. This work is actually autobiographical, as most of my works are, it deals with the isolation that I feel from time to time as a foreigner living in Europe.

All the Others is a work of reflection to all. It could be me on that staircase, it could be you or anyone of us. This kind of ‘reflecting dialogue’ is often generated with my artistic production. This piece discusses individual and collective experiences. These experiences are both contemporary and historical and, inside them, the work addresses issues such as social status, identity, transculturalism and portraiture. All the Others confronts these issues with silence; a visual silence of an individual. This ‘silence’ connects and conveys these issues.

All the Others, 2011 from houchiencheng on Vimeo.