BROWN, 2014
- an original novel that speaks of assimilation and home

BROWN scrutinises and focalises the concept of home and the will for integration. It's a work of fiction at the same time an autobiographical collage that depicts a potential future self; a stretched reality. It examines how people define and call a place home, and how people struggle when they’re socially disabled.

BROWN is a story for people who are away from home, who are going to be away from home and who had been away from home.

Jeff Brown is a Caucasian American who settled in West Flanders forty years ago. After the sudden death of his West Flemish wife, he becomes a widower in grief trying to go on with his life while at the same time confronted with an ultimatum given by his son.

BROWN is the first part of an autobiographical, literary triology – BROWN, GREEN and WHITE.

Registered under the title "Out of the Flemish Clay" at WGAw
©2013 Hou Chien Cheng, all Rights Reserved

The novel BROWN was supported by Be-Part & published by
APE (Art Paper Editions) ©2014

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ISBN: 9789490800222